Spanish Tractor Sales Down in April and May

Spanish Tractor Sales
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Spanish agricultural registrations show year on year decline for April and May

Spanish Agricultural Sector Sees Decline in Demand for April and May

In a post pandemic climate, one might have expected to see an increase in tractor and equipment registrations in Spain as agriculture gets back to normal. However, the figures recently released by the Spanish  Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación (the Ministry for Agriculture, Fishing and Food) suggest otherwise. This decline in demand follows initial strong growth earlier in the year.

In the same period between 2021 and 2022, registrations have slumped across the sector. Tractor registrations were down by 21.96 per cent in April and 23.8 per cent in May – The overall drop in the year to date is 13.28 per cent.

This is also reflected in machinery sales, down 26.09 per cent in April and 25.57 per cent in May, with even towed equipment dropping by 8.65 per cent and 10.72 per cent respectively.

The top market for tractor sales remained Andalucia,  and the region topped sales of agricultural machinery and towed and suspended equipment as well.

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