Goodyear’s Sustainable Reality Survey Results Indicates Sustainability Becoming a Core Objective for UK Fleets


In results unveiled by Goodyear, the move towards more sustainable practices is becoming more and more important for UK fleets, with 61% having sustainability objectives in place for their business operations.

Survey Shows Sustainability Now a Norm for Fleets Surveyed

With the results of Goodyear’s first Sustainable Reality Survey now live, the market is clearly thinking more about its impact on the environment. With 63% surveyed pursuing sustainable practices out of environmental concern - instead of operational or business purposes - the UK is moving towards more sustainable practices. 

Goodyear surveyed 92 fleets, of which 61% (or 3 in 5) confirmed that they have formalised sustainable practices in its operations, with an additional 27% looking to do so over the following 12 months. 63% confirmed that their interest was for environmental reasons or to enhance their corporate values. Interestingly, a smaller number said that their concerns for more sustainable practices were purely business-related, with 17% arguing that it reduced operating costs and a final 13% noting that it was a requirement to gaining new business. 

Maciej Szymanski, Director of Marketing for Commercial Business Europe at Goodyear, comments heralded the results, saying, “It’s heartening to see that fleets are responding so positively to the challenge of climate change. For such a large number to not only be taking action but to be putting plans in place out of a genuine concern for the environment, as opposed to simply appealing to new customers, is incredibly encouraging.”

Noting that the results were a starting point, he added, “The challenge facing the industry now is meeting those objectives, as well as stressing their importance to those fleets that haven’t yet taken action.”

Tyres the Most Popular Solution to Improve Sustainability Measures

Fuel-efficient tyres were the most popular solutions with 67% of participants citing tyres as a sustainable win for fleets. Telematics solutions to monitor and reduce fuel consumption came in a closely-fought second with 65%, with the setting of fuel consumption objectives for drivers or implementation of driver training the third option at 59% rounding off the most innovative solutions fleets view as helping to add sustainability to their business model. Retread tyres scored 36% from surveyed fleets, with alternate drivetrains, such as hybrid and electric ranking at just 25% and the deployment of higher capacity vehicles or duo trailers the weakest sustainability option, with just 21%.

Goodyear Finds Cost and Complexity Still the Greatest Barriers Towards Further Sustainability Within the Industry

When asked what was preventing fleets from adopting even more sustainable solutions, the cost (52%) and complexity (36%) of some solutions were cited as the most significant challenges. An impressive three-quarters (75%) of fleets said that financial incentives would encourage them to improve the sustainability of their operations, while 48% said that solutions which are easier to use would be welcomed.

Analysing the varied results, Szymanski concluded: “Making the industry more sustainable is going to take time, and of course, there are still hurdles for fleets to overcome. As the industry moves towards a greener future, we’re seeing a clear need for solutions that will help meet those sustainability goals.” 

Ending on a rallying call for all in the industry, Symanski argued, “It’s critical that suppliers rise to that challenge, and provide straightforward solutions that can be easily implemented,” so as to facilitate fleet drivers have an easier, more sustainable ride.  

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