Goodyear Equipped Teams Score Home Run at Dakar 2022 by Taking First Six Positions in Leaderboard


The KAMAZ-master team took 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place, while the PETRONAS Team De Rooy IVECO/MAMMOET Rallysport Team De Rooy finished 5th, 6th, 8th and 10th in an impressive feat for the Goodyear-equipped teams.

KAMAZ-Master and PETRONAS Team De Rooy Handle the Arabian Conditions with Skill

After two weeks and approximately 8,000 kilometres of battling the intense terrain across the Arabian Desert, the Dakar Rally concluded with a second podium lockout by KAMAZ-master.

The all-conquering KAMAZ-master team took the top four positions with an intense battle between five-time winner Eduard Nikolaev and reigning Dakar champion Dmitry Sotnikov. On the final day of the rally-raid crew. 500 of Sotnikov, supported by co-driver Ruslan Akhamadeev and mechanic Ilgiz Akhmetzianov won the race for the second time with Nikolaev (supported by Evegenii Iakovlev and Vladimir Rybakov) in truck 505 just 9’ 58’ behind.

Vladimir Chagin, Head of the KAMAZ-master sports team: “We came to the Dakar with two models of trucks, our proven winning 43509 and the innovative new K5 435091s. The fitment of Goodyear tyres was without any doubt of importance in such a demanding event. Our team performed superbly with meticulous preparation and outstanding strategy execution across two gruelling weeks of action. This high-level racing means we need tyres that provide traction and durability. The Goodyear OFFROAD has given us maximum speed with minimum downtime contributing to our success here.”

Maciej Szymanski, Marketing Director for Goodyear Commercial Europe, said: “This was the 19th Dakar win for KAMAZ-master. That is an extraordinary achievement, and Goodyear is proud to have been chosen as a trusted companion by the team. The demanding new routes with hidden stones in the sandy tracks to test the overall tyre performance. The teams reported they were delighted with the durability, cut resistance and outstanding traction throughout the Dakar. Goodyear uses events like the Dakar and the FIA European Truck Racing Championship to test tyres and technologies in extreme performance situations.”

PETRONAS Team De Rooy and MAMMOET Rallysport Team De Rooy IVECO Just Behind KAMAZ Crew.

The green team led by van Kasteren were just behind the KAMAZ-masters, by finishing 5th and the orange squad led by Martin van den Brink 6th. The teams were setting regular top three stage times during the race. In the middle of the race, the group experienced delays due to technical issues, but the winning spirit of the legendary Dutch team rose like a phoenix in the last stages. Crew 515 Versteijnen/Van Dal/Smits also finished a worthy 8th.

Szymansk added of the tyres used: “The Goodyear OFFROAD is designed for low-heat generation at high speeds and is used in demanding operations such as quarries, mines, woods and emergency applications. This makes it the perfect choice for events such as the Dakar.

"Goodyear’s cool-running technology and innovative carcass design are also incorporated in our on-road product ranges, creating a tyre that is extremely resistant to wear and efficient with energy. These qualities are as essential to our everyday customers as they are to the winning teams.”

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