FederUnacoma Statistics for Italian Tractor Market in 2021 Show Positive Year for Sector

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With growth for all types of vehicles, the Italian tractor market is thriving, in results released by FederUnacoma.

Tractor Sales Increase by Third in 2021 in Year-on-Year Statistics

With an impressive 36% increase in tractor sales compared to 2020, this amounts to nearly 24,400 units sold throughout the year. In 2020 sales ranked at just under 19,000 units, showcasing the growth within the market.

Combine harvesters had a year of two halves. In the first six months, sales were 33% above the first six months of 2020, followed by a fall in the second half. Taking everything into account, the 392 sales for this year made for a healthy 33% increase.

Likewise, trailers also saw a poorer second half of the year after a strong first half. However, there was a final increase of 20.4% in year-on-year sales, amounting to a final haul of 9,464 units.

Loading tractors also recorded a pleasing increase for the year, with a final total of 673 units, amounting to a total growth increase of 19.3%. Telehandlers were the big net gainers of the year, reaching a final total of 1,491 units, which ranks as a 56% year-on-year increase.

Overall, 2021 is a year for record growth, FederUnacoma explains, which not only recovers the deficit that occurred in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but which significantly improves the sector's performance, highlighting a firm demand for new agricultural machinery.

FederUnacoma believes the healthier results are part of machinery 4.0. Further support has come from EU funds through the Rural Development Plans (RDP) and the Next Generation EU (PNRR) programme.

Alessandro Malavolti, President of FederUnacoma, said, "A boost to investments came from the tax incentives for 4.0, which is to say for those advanced electronic technologies that in agricultural mechanics are finding ever wider applications." Concluding, Malavolti said, "The contributions that can come from the Rural Development Plans co-financed by the European Union and the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which manages the Community funds of the Next Generation. These tools favour the introduction of technological innovations, improving the functionality, environmental compatibility and safety of mechanical means."

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