Cooper Tire Europe Unveils Cooper Evolution Van All Season Tyre


With the advent of the Cooper Evolution All Season tyre, Cooper Tire now has another tyre suitable for tough winter conditions.

3PMSF Approval Means Tyre Ready for All Conditions

The new tyre from Cooper Tire includes a high-tech tread pattern design, which generates consistent grip and predictable cornering while producing an even footprint, together with tread voids optimised for wet and snow performance. Supported by high sipe and block edge lengths and zig-zag grooves, the tyre also has the important 3PMSF rating.

The Cooper Evolution Van All Season will initially be made available in 5 sizes, spanning 15- and 16-inch rims. The sizes offered include 215/70R15 for 15-inch rims and range from 205/65R16 to 235/65R16 for 16-inch rims. 5 more sizes are set to follow in 2022.

Cooper’s van tyre line-up includes the Evolution Van summer and WM-Van winter products. By introducing the Cooper Evolution Van All Season, Cooper now offers a van tyre for all conditions.

Gavin Edwards, General Manager, European Technical Centre, Cooper Tire Europe, said, “With the Cooper Evolution Van All Season, we can give van drivers year-round performance in one set of tyres. We look forward to seeing the tyre out on the road, alongside our existing summer and winter van products.”

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