Continental Organises Competition for Apprenticeship Trainees


Starting this month, apprenticeship trainees in agricultural and livestock farming can apply for a three-year financial support grant through a social media video. The campaign, organised by Continental and supported by DEULA (The German Association of Agriculture), aims to showcase both the variety and attractiveness of farming for the younger generation. 

Continental Grant to Bring Agricultural World to a Younger Generation

Continental has launched its grant programme with a social media twist. From now until 31st May, recent cohorts to the industry, who have completed their first year of dual training in farming or animal husbandry, simply need to post a motivation video via Continental’s Instagram channel and register on Continental’s Commercial Specialty Tyres website.

Continental has advised potential participants to talk about their apprenticeship and everyday working life and what inspires them about working in the agricultural sector.

In June, Continental will have a raffle to choose between the top three entries, with the winner receiving a EUR 9,000 prize, as well as car or motorcycle tyres. The runners-up will each receive a voucher for the current edition of Farming Simulator.

"We want to make the profession of farmer and animal husbandry more attractive, raise awareness of the profession and show the beautiful moments that young trainees take away with them," commented Matthias Engelhardt, Continental Sales Manager Germany Industrial Tyres. "By doing this, we want to show our further support and dedication to farmers and animal husbandry."

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