Bridgestone’s Agricultural Division Makes Waves in 2021 with Memorable Year for Sales


Bridgestone has seen a record-breaking year within the agricultural sector, with the team able to support its dealer partners despite the Covid-19 pandemic, transportation problems and availability issues that dominated the commercial vehicle sector in 2021.

Sales Surpassing Expectations with Growing OEM Orders and Increased VX- and VT-Tractor Sales

“Over the past 12 months, we’ve been able to record stronger-than-ever sales into the farming community,” AG Product Manager Keld Andersen explained. “As a relatively new brand to the agricultural marketplace, we’ve seen great uptake from our farmers, increasing each year. As the portfolio expands, this will only continue, and we predict that more-and-more farmers will gain a positive hands-on experience of our tyres.”

The VX-TRACTOR tyre, available on the market for three years now, has been growing in stature within the industry. This year was a ‘phenomenal’ year for sales, with the market-share increasing substantially, Andersen confirms, adding that “the VX-TRACTOR is remarkably reliable, in the severe environment of agriculture, which is why it is becoming a classic of its era.”

Bridgestone has also seen strong uptake by OEM’s – where road and field application tyres are required by its customers, with two global tractor OEM’s offering the VX-TRACTOR in 2022.

The VT-TRACTOR (VF) tyre range is also seeing continued growth in 2021, especially with the uptake by many Scottish farmers, via the Sustainable Agriculture Capital Grant Scheme (SACGS), as well as with various OEM’s.

Keld concluded on the year that was by adding that 2022 is predicted to be a strong year for Bridgestone and its product range. He explained that Bridgestone will look to increase its number of Bridgestone Partners outlets, noting that its partners have been remarkably loyal and committed to its products, which has helped Bridgestone gain such an authoritative position within the competitive field.

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