BKT Showcases Agricultural Tyres That ‘Bite’ the Mud


When looking at traction, grip, resistance, safety and muddy terrains, BKT believes there is always a perfect tyre for any situation.

BKT Focuses on Self-Cleaning Tyres on Wet and Muddy Terrains, as well as Tougher Terrain

For agricultural tyres, versatility is needed on and off the road. For that reason, BKT has focused on tyres with aggresive treads for a tighter grip and to drive through mud, thanks to higher and better-spaced blocks. The spaced blocks allow the tyre to dig deep and facilitate grip, while the wider spacing helps with self-cleaning, which is an important feature when working on muddy surfaces and terrain.

As agricultural machinery handles demanding work, BKT has a range of tyres suitable for demanding fields with ‘sagging’ soil.

The AGRIMAX ELOS, BKT explains, is designed for tractors operating on soils. The tyre has solid traction, which helps in locations, such as rice fields, while its extra-deep tread makes the tyre a great self-cleaner. The sides of this tyre also have sidewall protectors for enhanced safety and protection against impact or damage. It is available in eight different sizes.

For pivot sprinkler systems, BKT opts for the AGRIMAX RI 818. In addition to working at low pressures to reduce soil compaction and preserve crops, the tyre maintains excellent traction, which is essential when operating in fields in wet and humid conditions, typically related to this application. The tread pattern also has self-cleaning capabilities and greater stability on hillside applications because of its directional design.

It is available in two sizes: 280/85 R 24 and 320/85 R 38, with the latter having a deeper block when compared with the traditional diagonal irrigation tyres, which makes for a better grip.

These are the same characteristics for the TR 117 - a bias tyre - specific to irrigation applications with a central pivot. The tyre is available in four sizes: 11.2 – 24, 13.6 – 24, 14.9 – 24 and 11.2 – 38. The TR 177 also features a specialist tread pattern that increases grip and allows for excellent self-cleaning.

Multifunctional telehandlers and spider excavators are the two other types of machines that frequently face wet and humid terrain. These machines clean and maintain agricultural trenches which are prone to yield. For these two applications, BKT looks to CON STAR. The tyre ensures productivity under difficult conditions thanks to its firm grip and the large lugs, which increase the contact area with the ground below. The cut-and-chip resistant compound also guarantees resistance and durability, while the diagonal design avoids lateral slippage, even when fully loaded - a fundamental element for these applications. CON STAR has a load index of 168 in the 440/80 - 24 size, which means that it can handle loads of up to 5,600 kg without losing stability. This tyre is available in 11 different sizes.

For BKT, agricultural machinery is just as crucial in the field as tractors, which is why the manufacturer, listening to the needs of industry workers, develops tyres to help farmers overcome their everyday challenges, which is BKT's philosophy.

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