BKT Offer Flexible, Robust and Durable Tyres for Mobile Cranes


Enhancing its radial tyre offer, BKT Tires offers tyres that maintain traction and manoeuvrability in different weather conditions and different industry specialisms involving cranes.

BKT Suitable for Industrial, Construction and Infrastructure Industries

With cranes functioning in varied conditions, it’s crucial to find the right tyre for cranes operating at high speeds that can maintain lower temperatures.

As BKT explains, with speeds reaching 80 kilometres per hour, the tyres have to be suitable on both roads and highways and on the more aggressive and uneven terrain of worksites, for which the tyres have to maintain durability. With mobile cranes, flexibility, traction with heavy loads, and manoeuvrability are the main factors fleet operators need to consider, especially in varied weather conditions.

BKT currently offers two product lines for mobile cranes, classified with speed indices E and F. With a robust steel structure and cut-resistant compounds, the tyres have a longer user life and heightened stability during pick-up and transport operations. Likewise, the structure of the tyres allow for the cranes to hit roads and motorways.

The first tyre, the AIROMAX AM 27 is particularly suitable for movements on roads and highways which require high resistance to wear and tear, although maintaining high traction and resistance on the more aggressive and uneven terrain of worksites.

The AIROMAX AM 27 comes with a casing and belts in steel layers to guarantee robustness and resistance, while the side and tread compounds are highly resistant to cuts and tears. It can also resist very high temperatures and dissipate the heat created during high-speed road movements. It is currently available in five different sizes: 385/95 R 24, 385/95 R 25, 445/95 R 25, 505/95 R 25 and finally 525/80 R 25.

The second tyre, the AIROMAX AM 543 is particularly suitable for cranes used in the construction sector, thanks to its combination of traction and stability.

The deep and knobby tread guarantees dependable performance on rough terrain, ensuring excellent protection to the tyre structure. Given its stress threshold under extreme conditions, BKT designed the tyre to withstand substantial pressure - a fundamental characteristic for this industry. It is currently available in three sizes: 385/95 R 24, 385/95 R 25 and 445/95 R 25.

For BKT, each application requires a specific tyre, which is why the tyre manufacturer is continuing to research and develop multifunctional tyres for this complex and diverse sector.

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