Agro ContiSeal Technology Wins Innovation Award in Germany


Continental’s Agro ContiSeal, a new polymer that seals punctures to allow the vehicle to continue operating.has scored an silver medal from The Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (DLG) in the prestigious Agritechnica innovation awards 2022.

Key Honour in Agriculture Technology Field

Agro ContiSeal can prevent downtime from punctures in agricultural tyres. The patented polymer that is applied to the inside of the tyre immediately seals any puncture caused by foreign objects.

Commenting on the product, Benjamin Hübner, Product Line Manager Agricultural Tyres for Continental Commercial Specialty Tyres said: “A puncture can be very costly when it does occur. Agro ContiSeal enables the vehicle to continue working even after a puncture from an object up to 12mm in diameter. This will save those who choose Continental tyres with ContiSeal time and money, whilst also offering peace of mind throughout the year. We are very happy that the DLG awarded our technology.”

A vehicle fitted with ContiSeal-lined tyres doesn’t have to slow down following a puncture, or require an immediate tyre change. The sticky polymer helps covers the puncture to prevent loss of pressure. Hübner adds, “It seems like such a simple solution to a common problem, but Agro ContiSeal will help many agricultural operators to keep moving until they have time to change the tyre.”

Continental Looks to Agricultural Solutions

Continental’s new technology is still in development and not yet available on the market for agricultural tyres, although Hübner explains that the company is aiming to get the new product on the market when it has been perfected.

In the industry, zero or minimum tillage farming is growing in popularity as farmers seek to reduce the impact of heavy machinery on the land. However, the residual stubble, that can be left for more than a year, hardens, and represents a much higher risk to tyres. The Agro ContiSeal technology is also focused on improving soil health when in operation will by practicing minimum tillage methods.

Continental has added that the technology is part of its strategy program “Vision 2030”, where the manufacturer hope to strive, grow and make further inroads in the agricultural tyre segment.

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