Trelleborg and Massey Ferguson Hit the Road Again for European MF eXperience Tour 2022


For Part 4 of our Agricultural Tyre feature, Commercial Tyre Business looks to Trelleborg Wheel System’s collaboration with Massey Ferguson for the European MF eXperience Tour 2022 and why this anticipated annual event in the agricultural calendar has become such an core event in Europe.

Fourth Year for Trelleborg Taking Part in European-Wide Special Event

The European MF eXperience Tour is again bringing local experts and farm equipment direct to agricultural professionals around Europe. Having taken off in Italy on 15th February, the route will continue into Spain, France, Romania, Lithuania, Poland, the Netherlands and Belgium before finishing off in Germany. In total, there will be 24 stops on the route. For Trelleborg, this is the fourth year taking part as a key partner, bringing the manufacturer face-to-face with customers across Europe.

Roberta D’Agnano, EMEA Marketing Director at Trelleborg, was pleased to see the specialist event take off, stating: “We are proud to be a part of this Pan-European event. The MF eXperience tour lets us engage one-on-one with our end users, allowing us to listen to their needs while giving them a terrific opportunity to test-drive our tyres and gain valuable insight into what the latest tyre technology developments can do for their operations.”

For EME Marketing Director at Massey Ferguson, Jérôme Aubrion, he said of Trelleborg’s participation: “Trelleborg is a key technical partner to have on tour. Both our companies are focused on offering solutions to help farming professionals grow their businesses more effectively. With this tour, our goal is to create a real customer eXperience, where our eXperts showcase straightforward and dependable products, technologies and services in an attractive, welcoming, inclusive and friendly atmosphere.”

Tour Stands out for Bringing Trelleborg Experts Closer to End Users

Through the sharing of knowledge and the opportunity to touch base with customers along the way, this event stands out for Trelleborg. Not only will Trelleborg get to show off its newest solutions, but it will also be able to offer tyre pressure tips to help ensure improved traction, grip and lower fuel consumption for those who talk to Trelleborg.

For agricultural solutions, Trelleborg will bring its TM1000 ProgressiveTraction tyre with an extra-wide footprint for superior flotation to the European MF eXperience Tour 2022. The benefit of the enhanced tyre footprint leads to minimised soil compaction while not compromising on comfort. For visitors coming along, they will be able to try out the tyre and see for themselves its benefits, including heightened traction potential with dual anchoring points, solid handling, extended tyre life and reduced working time per acre.

As Trelleborg conclude on its agricultural policy, “When it comes to delivering innovation in agriculture, Trelleborg aims to be a trusted partner for its customers.” For the MF eXperience Tour, customers can benefit firsthand from personalised advice on how to make the most of their operations. For Trelleborg, this is a certified way to work towards a more sustainable future while maintaining quality products for its customers along the way.

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