Spanish Tractor Figures for 2021 Almost 10% Above 2020 Levels

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In figures that match the increases shown in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK Spanish tractor figures saw a 14.04% leap in December, meaning the year ended 9.57% above 2020 levels, in figures released by the Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación (Ministry for Agriculture, Fishing and Food).

Healthy Finish for Tractor Sector in Spain

There were 1,275 registrations of tractors in December, which made for a 14.04% increase on 2020’s 1,118 sales. Andalucía came out on top once again with 310 of those registrations, with Castilla La Mancha (146 sales) just etching out Cataluña (140 sales) and Castilla y León (134 sales) for second place.

Agricultural machinery registrations saw a reverse of fortunes with 156 units for December 2021 against 256 for December last year, a 32.47% decrease. After November when we saw the year-to-date figures for 2021 edge over 2020, the year ended with a 3.48% decrease, with 1,784 registrations in 2020 against 1,722 registrations in 2021.  Andalucía scored a healthy 56 of those registrations, 48, with Cataluña registering 20 units, Castilla y León 14 and Castilla La Mancha following closely behind with 13.

Overall, 2021 can be characterised as a year of recovery for the sector not just in Spain but other European countries, bringing renewed confidence for the market going in 2022.

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