Continental’s Enhanced ContiConnect Software Ensures Fleets Make Data-Driven Decisions


With ContiConnect 2.0, the comprehension upgrade of Continental’s intelligent tyre management solution includes a new web portal and a new multifunctional application to help better coordination vehicle and tyre services. With big data and artificial intelligence Continental continues its analysis of data from tyre sensors, which will help fuel the move towards predictive maintenance. 

Continental’s ContiConnect 2.0 Looking to Generate Cost Efficiency, Lower CO2 emissions and Improved Sustainability

For digital tyre management of the future, Continental has refined its tyre management pressure system to keep the technology aligned with the specific requirements of fleet customers around the world.

Tansu Isik, Head of Business Development and Global Marketing at Continental Tyres, says of the changes, “ContiConnect 2.0 is focused on the digitalisation of tyres. It paves the way for intelligent tyre management combined with a tailored selection of digital, service-based tyre solutions.”

Continuous analysis of the extensive data collected from the tyres creates a broad data pool. ContiConnect 2.0 will allow tyre maintenance – on passenger cars, trucks, buses and off-road vehicles – to be carried out exactly when needed. In the context of off-road vehicles, ContiConnect is already frequently used by fleet customers for the construction industry, intralogistics or in ports. “Our fleet customers benefit from the modularity, flexibility and compatibility of ContiConnect 2.0. It enables exceptionally secure digital tyre management, increases vehicle uptime and maximises cost transparency,” says Isik. 

The benefits include less downtime for vehicles and fleets seeing reduced maintenance costs and higher tyre mileage. ContiConnect 2.0, therefore, offers solutions in terms of sustainable mobility while allowing operators to focus their attention on their core business.

Predictive Maintenance Takes Another Step Forward

“With ContiConnect 2.0, we are building on existing functions such as continuous tyre pressure monitoring to enable our fleet customers to digitally track the remaining mileage, tread depth, and condition of all the tyres in their fleets,” says Sven Wilhelmsen, Head of Product Management Digital Solutions at Continental Tyres, of the new version of ContiConnect.

The new application will help cover all the work taking place on the vehicle and present the fleet manager with the information relevant to them in an even more precisely targeted form.

All available tyre and vehicle data will be analysed continuously in the cloud. This big data makes it possible to issue precise tyre condition forecasts. Vehicle and tyre services can be coordinated and aligned to optimum effect, which will create synergies and seamless links to workshops and dealers. The result is increased fleet efficiency, lower overall costs and reassurance for fleet managers that their vehicles will be ready to use more of the time. 

“With ContiConnect 2.0, we are continuing to expand our offering of smart, digital tyre solutions as we move towards predictive maintenance,” adds Wilhelmsen. ContiConnect 2.0 has been trialled successfully by a selected group of customers since late 2021, with the new platform to be rolled out worldwide during 2022.

Fleet managers will be presented with a fast and user-friendly overview of their entire fleet – regardless of where the vehicles happen to be. “The modular design of ContiConnect 2.0, the flexibility of its components and its level of compatibility allow us to integrate additional solutions, as requested by the customer,” explains Sven Wilhelmsen. “Plus, we are working on the integration of external systems for recording tread depth.”

This omniscient approach of Continental’s TPMS is part of the manufacturers’ goal to utilise technology to better incorporate sustainability solutions. “We aim to offer the best solution for tyre monitoring and management,” concludes Tansu Isik. “A solution which can be integrated seamlessly into the processes and systems of our fleet customers.”

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