2022 National Farm Machinery Show Sees MAXAM Tire Debut VF Technology


At the National Farm Machinery Show, Louisville, Kentucky, taking place between 16-19th February, MAXAM Tire will showcase its VF (Very High Flexion) tyres. These high-speed/load solutions ensure minimal soil compaction, improved traction and enhanced product performance.

MAXAM Tire to Debut Technology Designed to Preserve Soil Compaction

The MAXAM AgriXtra N (Narrow) family of products have been designed to deliver high clearance tractors and self-propelled high clearance sprayers with a solution that can improve productivity and reduce soil compaction. Featuring MAXAM’s signature 45° lug profile that provides excellent traction and stability, ensuring minimal vibration when roading, the AgriXtra N VF380/90R46 will be the first of many VF tyres introduced to the global agricultural market this year.

Engineered through the development of rubber compounding and casing materials, MAXAM’s VF technology products can support very high levels of tyre deflection up to the tyre’s rated speed capability.

The VF Series will allow customers to carry 40% more tyre load at standard air pressures or operate at 40% less air pressure for the given tyre load. Depending on the customer’s need, the VF performance advantage can deliver either reduced soil compaction or the ability to carry heavier loads without compromising traction. This will deliver the improved productivity farmers and growers are seeking. 

MAXAM VF Technology Prepared to Function with New OEM Vehicle Designs of the Future

MAXAM Tire is looking to the future, as the manufacturer expects to see new OEM vehicle designs will be equipped with onboard inflation equipment, which will ensure that the optimal tyre footprint will be available to carry the load.

“Our VF Technology is just another milestone in MAXAM’s development of product solutions for not only agriculture but as well the mining, forestry, construction, and industrial tyre markets. MAXAM Tire is committed to delivering innovative business solutions in every tire segment we serve,” said Greg Gilland, Vice President of Global Agriculture at MAXAM Tire, in preparation for the National Farm Machinery Show, later on, this month.

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