Michelin Showcases its CrossClimate Camping All Season Tyre for Campervans


Michelin’s CrossClimate Camping tyre has been unveiled. Manufactured in Europe and available from March onwards, the new All Season tyre is the latest addition to the Michelin CrossClimate range, which is aimed at the constantly growing market of campervans and motorhomes.

New Michelin CrossClimate Camping Tyre Suitable for Varied Terrains Throughout the Year Due to V-Shaper Technology

Michelin’s latest tyre has secured a European A label for wet handling. As the tyre is for all seasons, it allows drivers to stay on the road and not change tyres depending on the weather conditions. The tyre also has optimal dry braking and the valued 3PMSF certification, which is ideal for snowy conditions whilst also delivering high mileage, a well-known characteristic of the Michelin brand.

The CrossClimate Camping tyre also comes with reinforced sidewalls for greater resistance against curbs, a reinforced carcass for long-term parking and a specialist Michelin tread compound to protect against resistance.

Michelin has developed the tyre to be specifically reinforced and comes with the CP certification, which allows the tyre to support heavy loads and maintain durability longer than a conventional tyre. Likewise, Michelin’s V-Shaped Technology combines wide studs with widened channels to offer enhanced traction on muddy roads and water irrigation on wet surfaces. On top of this, this technology gives the tyre the flexibility to perform well on all types of non-asphalt road surfaces such as grass, mud and gravel.

The Michelin CrossClimate Camping range currently counts on 8 available sizes which covers 99% of the tyres used on campervans and motorhomes.

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