Vredestein VF Traxion Optimall Tyres Now Ready for Use on CLAAS XERION


CLAAS has homologated Vredestein VF Traxion Optimall tyres for their XERION tractor. Suitable for the largest VF tyre size - VF 900/60R42 PFO NRO 189D TL Traxion Optimall, the tyre is designed to have an optimal level of traction, fuel efficiency and durability within the competitive tractor sector

CLAAS Ultilise Vredestein VF Traxion Optimall Tyres for Its XERION Range

CLAAS is one of the key companies when it comes to agricultural harvesting machines and tractors. With its XERION tractors - which are uniquely designed for the farm industry, CLAAS saw a great fit with Vredestein tyres. The XERION range is a multifunctional high horsepower system tractor produced in 3 types ranging from 443 to 530 HP and is produced in the world’s largest harvester factory in Harsewinkel, Germany. Due to the demanding tasks required of the XERION range, the Vredestein VF tyres aid the challenging agricultural tasks required of the tractors.

Vredestein is now the original equipment supplier to 4 CLAAS factories: 2 in Germany (Harsewinkel and Bad Saulgau) and 2 in France (Le Mans and Metz-Woippy). The supply of Vredestein tyres to CLAAS covers tyres for tractors, self-propelled harvesters, and harvesting equipment produced in these 4 factories.

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