The Michelin Tracks & Tires Farming Tour 2021 Arrives

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The Michelin Tracks & Tires Farming Tour roadshow visits 10 European countries between the months of September and November with Michelin experts carrying out product demonstrations and live comparative tests with the Michelin range for the agricultural sector. 

Michelin Debuts the Tracks & Tires Farming Tour 2021 

Michelin has kicked off the Tracks & Tires Farming Tour 2021 in Spain on September 15, which provides an opportunity for farmers and other members of the agricultural community to discover the wide range of Michelin tyres and solutions in 10 European countries, between September and November. 

In collaboration with New Holland, attendees have the opportunity to witness comparative tests with different configurations, such as tyres in combination with a centralised PTG teleinflation system, twin tyres or chains. The best way to choose the optimal attachments, tyres and settings for a wide variety of agricultural applications is also explained to attendees. Through various product tests and workshops, the performance of the Michelin range of products and solutions for the agricultural sector will be examined. 

These tests will have the participation of Michelin product engineers, together with customer service representatives and sales and marketing teams, to share the experience and knowledge that, together with customers, allow them to face the challenges current and future of the agricultural world. 

The tests carried out in the field will be carried out with the MICHELIN AXIOBIB 2 ranges. High performance tyres will be put to the test to demonstrate their performance in the field. The tests show the performance of the tyres according to the inflation pressure, as well as the traction capacity in the field and the benefits that the different Michelin technologies provide when it comes to reducing soil compaction and fuel consumption. 

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