Nokian CT Trailer Tyre Improves Efficiency with Enhanced Load-Bearing Capacity


Nokian’s CT agricultural trailer tyre has been offering stability, long service life and high load-bearing capacity for years in specialist earthmoving and contracting jobs. Now updated, the tyre is ready for more intense loads in higher operating pressures resulting in better operational efficiency. 

Nokian Enhances Its CT Trailer Tyre to Suit the Needs of Users

In a competitive industry, agricultural and earthmoving contractors are constantly on the lookout for stronger tractors able to pull tipping tractors in one go, whilst managing road transits in less time. The Nokian CT trailer tyre has been on the market since 2014, offering users high wear and damage resistant earthmoving-grade radial structure. The tyre also has a thick pattern, a large contact area and extra high-strength construction.

The Nokian CT trailer tyre was created in response to a need for strong, yet comfortable tyres”, says Tero Saari, Product Manager at Nokian Tyres. “We had to come up with something new that could handle the heavy loads while being economical to use coupled with a long service life. The Nokian CT is still among the sturdiest, most stable trailer tyres in the world. What’s more, its rubber compound has proved to be so tough that even we were surprised by the long service life of the first production samples."

Nokian’s CT Tyre Able to Handle Heavier Weights

Saari admits that the team at Nokian didn’t want to narrow the use of the tyre too much to maintain its versatility in earthmoving and farming operations, which is why it’s proved a popular OEM tyre for trailer manufacturers.

To further improve the versatility of the range, Nokian Tyres has added the 600/55R26.5 size to the CT range.

“Under maximum operating pressure, the new version can carry up to 6.5 tons on the top speed of 65 kilometres per hour,” Tero Saari explained. “On 50 kilometres per hour, the load capacity is already 7.9 tons. This means that in a tandem axle configuration you may be able to carry up to two cubic metres more soil or sand, for example.”

Replacing the old version, the new 600/55R26.5 Nokian CT tyre will make daily work even more productive for trailer users – demonstrating how tyre technology can unlock the full potential of trailers.

“The ability to move high loads safely, comfortably and economically is what the Nokian CT trailer tyre is all about”, Saari sums up, adding that the tyre will be a key element for future trailer drivers.

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