New Purchase Option Offered by Goodyear to Bring Automated Tyre Inspection Technology to North American Fleets


Under Goodyear, select fleets can customise and lease Goodyear CheckPoint devices for their truck yards, which are optimised for their tyre programme.

Goodyear Makes CheckPoint Offer More Flexible for North American Drivers

Goodyear has announced new leasing options for Goodyear CheckPoint, a drive-over reader device that automatically inspects tyre pressure and tread depth, sending actionable insights to fleet managers. These new leasing options will make the CheckPoint service more accessible to Goodyear national account fleets of all sizes throughout the U.S. and Canada. By working with a Goodyear sales associate, such fleets can explore the use of the device and payment options for their business.

With Goodyear CheckPoint installed at a fleet yard entrance, the in-ground device automatically scans passing trucks and triggers alerts to fleet maintenance teams if any immediate tyre concerns require attention, such as low pressure or tread wear. This solution enables large numbers of vehicles to be inspected efficiently and offers a frequently updated snapshot of a fleet’s overall tyre program health.

Speaking of the new change, the Director of Goodyear Integrated Tyre Solutions, Johnny McIntosh said, Goodyear CheckPoint is designed to help fleets to better maintain their tyres by keeping the pressure at optimal levels, which can extend both casing life and tread wear. This can add up to significant cost savings, as improper air pressure causes about 85% of tyre failures, which often result in unanticipated and costly roadside breakdowns.”

The results forecast positive news for drivers using the drive-over-reader, against manual inspection, with a Madrid-based investigation from Transport García de la Fuente showing a 90% reduction in the time taken to inspect fleet tyre depth and pressure with Goodyear CheckPoint.

So far this year ,with Goodyear CheckPoint, over 1.5 million tyres have been inspected and 126,000 potentially costly issues raised with fleets across North America. The results indicate that Goodyear CheckPoint has become a vital asset in Goodyear’s Total Solution selection of products.

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