Michelin X Multi Grip, the New Truck Tyre for Severe Winter Conditions

Michelin X Multi Grip Winter Tyres

Since July 1st, Michelin has been promoting its new range of MICHELIN X MULTI GRIP winter truck tyres. The MICHELIN X MULTI GRIP tyre range is 3PMSF certified, and has been developed to ensure maximum safety and mobility in severe winter conditions, thanks to a high level of road grip without sacrificing tyre life and reducing consumption to deliver more sustainable transport. 

Michelin Releases New Winter Tyres 

The innovative tread pattern, with evolutionary sipes based on MICHELIN Regenion technology, provides excellent grip even as the tyre begins to wear out. With a remaining tread depth of 5mm, traction on snow is improved by 50% and braking on snow by 20% compared to its predecessor. With 2mm of tread depth remaining in the tread, cross grip is 20% better. 

On roads with ice or snow, both freshly fallen, compacted or melted, as well as on wet roads, MICHELIN X MULTI GRIP tyres offer good performance throughout the winter and continue to maintain very high performance the rest of the year, especially on roads. wet. 

The resistance of the tread and the maintenance of performance throughout its useful life make the MICHELIN X MULTI GRIP tyre a highly efficient solution. Mileage performance is improved by more than 10% for the steering axle tyres and by more than 30% for the driving axle tyres. Its ability to be retreaded also reduces the cost per kilometre. 

Rolling resistance is reduced by up to 10% compared to its predecessor. For a tractor unit equipped with 385 / 65R22.5 MICHELIN X MULTI GRIP Z and 315 / 80R22.5 MICHELIN X MULTI GRIP tyres, this new generation ofreduces fuel consumption of up to 0.6 litres / 100km, and a reduction of 1.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year on average during the useful life of the tyres. 

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