BKT Responds to Agriculture 4.0 with the Flotation Range


Minimising the impact of agriculture machinery on the soil, BKT’s Flotation Range is providing new ways to provide sustainability and efficiency in the field without damaging either the soil or the crops.

BKT Incorporates Digitalisation in Its Flotation Range

With the advent of agriculture 4.0, BKT is tackling digitalisation, technology and sustainability to revolutionise operations carried out in the field. By using new technologies the agricultural sector will benefit from greater efficiency, sustainability and improved production quality. BKT’s Flotation Range has been designed to focus on these questions at the heart of the matter.

With the possibility of the automative collection, integration and analysis of data from the field, technology can give farmers key information to make decision-making processes for their work and their partnerships. It’s also possible to look at the environmental, climatic and soil factors to ensure real sustainability in the industry.

"BKT’s tyres are designed featuring a high technological content, designed to reduce the compaction of the soil, a phenomenon that is due to the load that weighs on the tyres themselves. Thanks to the flotation properties of these products, soil compaction is reduced,"  explains Denis Piccolo, Product Manager at BKT – "which means: less alteration of its structure. This ensures a better exchange of nutritional components in the soil, better aeration capacity and water drainage. All this translates into greater productivity.

Another key feature of these tyres is their versatility, which allows users to move smoothly over long distances, with strong traction on different terrains, thus facilitating their work."

What the Flotation Range Includes

The range includes the V-Flexa, which is a radial tyre designed for agricultural trailers. Thanks to the tyre's footprint and excellent traction, which incorporates VF (Very High Flexion) technology, this means it is possible to transport heavy loads with tyre pressure that is 30% lower than a standard tyre of the same size. Steel belts made the casing more resistant as well, which helps avoid tears and penetration.

The FL 633 Performa is ideal for trucks designed for agricultural use, based on its resistance, durability and high load capacity. It’s also suitable for different terrains – from the fields through to high-speed highways.

The All Steel radial Ridemax FL 699 is a solutions-based tyre that features a reinforced bead, guaranteeing better stability even in high speeds, as well as road applications with trailers and tankers, on the road or the field.

Rounding off the portfolio, BKT also has the following tyres: FL 630 SUPER, FL 630 ULTRA, FL 635, FL 637, FL 639, RIDEMAX FL 690 and RIDEMAX FL 693 M tyres. Each tyre has specific features which are designed to meet the end users' different applications and needs, whilst continuing to focus on sustainability and environmental benefits within the field. 

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