Norbert Kiss Scores Third FIA European Truck Racing Champion Title with Goodyear Tyres


Norbert Kiss burnt rubber at the Misano racetrack in Italy, scoring a third victory in his MAN truck. Sporting the colours of Révész Truck Racing since 2020, this marks the first victory for him since his consecutive wins in 2014 and 2015, with Kiss defeating FIA ETRC champion, Jochen Hahn.

Electrifying Season Comes Down to the Wire

With ten wins in the season, Kiss was in pole position to take the championship, although as this race had 60 points to play for, the top 3 positions were still very much in contention on the big day.

After a hard-fought season and six thrilling race weekends of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship on Goodyear tyres, Kiss confirmed his reputation as the fastest driver of his generation in the FIA ETRC with 276 points overall in the books. Second place went to Sascha Lenz with 227 points and Adam Lacko achieved the third position on the podium, 24 points behind Lenz.

Norbert Kiss, Révész Truck Racing team and 2021 FIA ETRC Champion“This great achievement did not start with the first race, it started back in December in the workshop. Truck racing is much like Formula 1 as it takes a lot of technical development and finetuning to optimise the performance of the truck and ensure the different parts work together, especially the tyres. It’s a great pleasure to work with the team and I’m very proud. Being a new team, it is amazing how we could build up to this momentum in just one or two years to take the lead in the championship. The competition was fierce as we were all fighting for each victory and no mistakes were allowed.”

Maciej Szymanski, Marketing Director for Commercial Europe within Goodyear: “For Goodyear, having been the long-standing official tyre partner to the FIA European Truck Racing Championship and Goodyear Cup, 2021 has been amazing. Teams were eager to race again in front of spectators and it was a true honour to support all of them once more throughout the entire series. This season was also marked by the introduction of 100% renewable HVO biofuel, which is an important step towards sustainable and competitive truck racing. As we are supporting leading transportation companies across Europe in lowering their carbon footprint daily without adding complexity, we are fully supportive of ETRC’s positive actions for sustainability moving forward.”

Goodyear Cup Provides Another Closely-Won Championship

In the other major event, Shane Brereton won the Goodyear Cup, the truck racing competition for up-and-coming talent while racing on Goodyear tyres. Aged 52, he started his Truck Racing career in 2015 and this is his second Promoter cup title within FIA ETRC.

Until Le Mans, the Goodyear Cup was led by Téo Calvet of the Buggyra squad. The same weekend, promising talent Calvet became the youngest driver ever to win the French Truck Racing Championship at just 20 years old, just 20 years after his father Fabien Calvet, won the same title.

Téo Calvet finished second in the final rankings of the 2021 Goodyear Cup. With Steffen Faas taking third place. Faas switched his racing career from cars to the big wheels in 2017 in what clearly proved a successful transition.  

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