New MAXAM Rigid Large Haul MS403 Truck Tyre is Company’s Largest Mining Tyre


With the MS403 59/80R63 the latest tyre added to MAXAM’s mining line, the tyre, made in MAXAM’S radial tyre facility, is ready to meet the challenging application requirements in the open pit mining segment as a robust and durable solution for the largest mining haul trucks.

MAXAM Offers Largest Mine Tyre in Its Portfolio

To meet the demands that large haul trucks with 63” tyres face, the 59/80R63 MS403 encompasses a heavy-duty casing and bead construction with advanced compounding technology. Similar to the large 63” product lineup in the mining series, the MS403 has undergone advanced engineering, extensive research, and rigorous global testing repeatedly. With the main goal of powerful performance and a lower cost-per-ton value, the tyre features an aggressive tread pattern that increases shoulder lug stability and reduces irregular wear on the tread.

The MS403 59/80R63 is engineered to conquer even the most severe challenges on haul roads. With global feedback from customers and operations, MAXAM has worked to optimise the bead construction and casing, enabling greater load capacity and ground contact. Mirroring the products within MAXAM’s large mining series, the MS403 features a deep tread depth for boosted tyre life. It also contains a heat-resistant undertread for reduced internal heat buildup, increasing the tyre’s TKPH/TMPH. In addition, it features a unique two-stage lug to improve self-cleaning capability, combating the toughest jobs for utmost productivity.

MAXAM’s vice president, Matt Johnson said of the tyre and MAXAM’s position within the industry: “In the demanding mining global market, the addition of the 59/80R63 size further enhances our flagship mining product line, helping us deliver a comprehensive line of viable solutions to mining applications in every size. With only a few manufacturers capable of producing the largest and most aggressive 63-inch large tyres, this showcases MAXAM’s commitment to play an integral part in the mining industry’s operation and future. We are confident that the largest open-pit mining tyres will perform on par with other tier-one tyres with a more competitive price and value.”

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