Italian Truck Market Experiences Highs and Lows During July and August-September While Bus Market Surges


With a 9.9% increase in July followed by a 7.7% fall in August, the Italian truck market is still in a phase of recovery. With trailers for the same months hitting 30.1% and 94.3% rises and the bus market seeing a 40% and 44% increase, certain sectors are starting to see much more stability overall, according to the latest market report by the Associazione Nazionale Filiera Industria Automobilistica (ANIFA).

Italian Market Releases Some Varied Figures

In trends continuing across Europe, the first six months of the year have proved much improved over last year’s period, where Covid-19 stopped all major operations. In July this year, 2,438 new trucks were registered, which saw a close to 10% increase on the same time last year. In August, that figure visibly dropped to 1,262, which is a 7.7% fall on 2020’s 1,367. Of the 1,262 trucks registered, 1,005 were heavy trucks over 16,000KG. Pleasingly, however, the 17,282 recorded trucks from January-August 2021 is far higher than the 12,797 in 2020, showing a firm, definitive 35% increase on the year before, which helps put August’s drop into a healthier context.

Across the country, trucks saw a bounce-back effect, with the South, Sicily and Sardinia recovering with a 43.6% increase, the North East seeing a 38.6% rise, the North West recording 34.8% and the Central region seeing a firm 18.4% boost. Trucks over 16,000KG saw a near 40% rise over the eight months, helping power the year-to-date success so far.

Both trailers and semi-trailers smashed their year-on-year target, with a total of 1,150 registration, this includes a 101.5% rise in semi-trailers (1,046 against 519 the year before.) In July, the figure for new registrations reached 1,386 showing that those working in the industry are ready to invest in new stock. Comparably, the figures are undoubtedly strong. With 10,372 registrations from January-August, this is a mammoth 44.6% increase on last year’s 7,174, with both trailers (984) and semi-trailers (6,497) seeing percentage increases into the mid-forties.

Bus Registrations Gain Momentum

Bus registrations are also on an upward swing in Italy, with a healthy 40.2% rise in August as opposed to the year before. With 258 sales against 184, the market saw increases in every sector apart from tourist buses. Driving the increase, urban buses saw an 80% rise from 41 the year before to 74. Minibuses also nearly doubled with 61 against 32 the year before. Looking to the year-to-date figures 2021 boosts a respectable 14.3% increase on the year before with 2,273 registrations against 19,89 the year before. School buses saw the biggest rise with 80% although urban buses saw a significant 71.5% in sales as well.

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