Goodyear Announces Third Quarter TruckForce Service Excellence Award Winners


Goodyear has confirmed five new Goodyear TruckForce Service Excellence Award winners, as well as an additional special price for community spirit in the industry.

Third Quarter Winners Announced for Entries Spanning Five Countries

With the introduction of the Goodyear awards this year, the third-quarter winners from the tyre manufacturer's pan-European TruckForce network have been revealed. With all winners sharing the goal of delivering peak performance and developing initiatives that benefit truck fleet customers, all five entries have achieved significant results in the field.

The German partner to win was Reifenhandel Mielke. Demonstrating the TruckForce spirit, the company selected Goodyear's Total Mobility programme for local logistics companies. Based near Paderborn, the company successfully conveyed the benefits of Goodyear's Intelligent Tyre Pressure Monitoring System to help its customers achieve higher levels of safety and efficiency.

The Belgian TruckForce Partner to win was Tyres Michel. The company has long been a strong promoter of Goodyear's range of fleet solutions. The company has introduced the concept of regrooving and retreading to its customers to improve fleet efficiency. The quality of the Goodyear casings helps give the tyres a longer lifespan, which Tires Michel showed through the cost and sustainability benefits of the Goodyear Retreading programme to its customers.

The other winners were all Southern European entries, which highlights the scope of the TruckForce service network. From Greece, Tsiakalos Safe Tyres scored the honour. The business provides Greek transport companies with a commitment to quality and service, with a top-class 24/7/365 service resulting in regular accolades from local customers.

The fourth winner, Dumivest, is located in Romania, close to the Hungarian border on an important truck route. The company has provided high-quality service to key commercial customers and has reduced paperwork and time-consuming administration for its customers by encouraging them to adopt Goodyear's online eJob maintenance system in their day-to-day operations.

Finally, Autotransporti Zupancic, based in Slovenia was the fifth winner. The company works on a strategically important route near the Croatian border. They were complemented by Goodyear for its premium fleet service, as a leading user of Goodyear eJob, and their commitment to Goodyear ServiceLine24h roadside assistance. Thanks to the 24/7 service and the ability to answer calls on the Slovenian highway as a recognised national provider, they helped enable Goodyear to guarantee the mobility of vehicles in the region.

A Special TruckForce Award for Community Spirit

In the truck world, stories are abound about heroism and community spirit. In this special award, the recipient was Steven Cruddas from the UK. An engineer at TruckForce in Derby, Cruddas went above and beyond to ensure a customer's health and safety.

When Cruddas arrived at a call, he noticed that the driver had chest pains. Because there was a two-hour delay for an ambulance at the height of the pandemic, Steven decided to take the driver to the hospital himself and ensure he was treated as soon as possible. Steven then returned to the vehicle to finish the engineering job and make sure the site could be left safely unattended.

Adam Stanton, European Network & Service Manager for Goodyear Commercial, said: “We are proud to award our five winners an award and a certificate of appreciation for exceptional community and customer care for Cruddas. All award winners demonstrate that teamwork, use of innovation, initiative and customer focus is part and parcel of the service for TruckForce customers.”

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