BKT Renews Its Digital Network Platform to Coincide with Global Trends


In its third edition, BKT’s digital Network has been renewed to expand on topics and guests to hail an increasingly global and inclusive vision. Agricultural topics will be the starting point, with the opportunity for insights from experts around the world on soil, climate, water, as well as about marketing and generational change.

BKT Digital Platform Diversifies

BKT has completely renewed its BKT digital network platform, proposing a new and exciting format, full of new content as it enters a new era of international dialogue, exchange and the sharing of information on major issues of today and tomorrow within agriculture.

This format is called Global Trends and has been designed to look at global changes and trends in agriculture. The aim is not only to seek the interest of both operators in the sector and end-users but also environmentally-conscious individuals looking for sustainability solutions.

Calendar Announced for November 2021 – June 2022

The 8 initial episodes are entitled: Agriculture Technology and Smart Farming, Soil Health, Generation Shift, Women in Agriculture, Water Use, Climate Change – Farming for the Future, Organic Farming and, finally, Marketing in Agriculture. Each episode will have 4 international guests, including journalists, professors, university teachers, company representatives, influencers and, of course, farmers. With each episode being 40 minutes long, there will be plenty of angles on the relevant hot topic, with BKT experts helping generate a powerful discourse.

BKT Plans an Editorial Path in the Coming Years

BKT has already announced the wish to follow a particular editorial path in coming years, to build up the proprietary digital platform, suggesting new themes every year Lucia Salmaso, CEO of BKT Europe extended on this idea, saying: "Agriculture will only be the first step. Our goal for the future is to cover all issues related to the industries in which we operate. Not only agriculture, therefore, but also earthmoving, industry, ports."

This is all part of BKT’s new identity. In doing business, the company has moved towards a more sustainable vision. As its founders argue, this is the only way to give a concrete meaning to the word future.

"I think that agriculture is something that belongs to humanity - concludes Lucia Salmaso - and will remain the main source of food for future generations. There are many themes that go far beyond the field of the individual farmer. The goal of our new project Global Trends is to create awareness around the many aspects that influence agriculture, providing a global vision. Everyone can help make a small change. And if you put together so many small changes, this can lead to an important turning point for a better future."

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