Sailun Scores 2021 Original Equipment Contract with the Conch Group


The Conch Group recently received a batch of all-steel radial tyres in 18.00R25, 21.00R35, 24.00R35, 35/65R33 and 27.00R49 sizes. The tyres were delivered to the Conch Group's mining warehouse to hail the Sailun Group winning the 2021 bid to supply tyres to the building materials manufacturer.

Sailun Tyre Marks Five Years Providing Tyres to the Conch Group

With Sailun Tyres visiting the mines of over 70 Conch Group subsidiaries and providing mining tyre solutions to the company, the Conch Group has opted to continue partnering with the tyre provider. Sailun has installed its TIMP tyre life cycle smart management system for over 30 Conch Group subsidiaries, including Tongling, Jining and Tongren. Sailun’s TIMP helps contribute to the digitalisation of mining, as well as the improvement of unmanned aerial vehicle applications within mining.

To improve the dialogue between the Conch Group and Sailun Tyres, the tyre manufacturer set up a mining project service team to offer a unique aftermarket service for subsidiaries of the Conch Group, helping maintain better cooperation between both parties. Going forward, Sailun Tyre hopes to expand on the development and application of rubber tyre technology. The Group also wants to maintain a customer-centric culture that provides end-users with a reliable service as well as quality products. This is the service Conch Group has received through Sailun's personalised mining project service team representatives.

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