October Tractor Sales in Spain Show Another Drop, Although Year-to-Date Sales Still Nearly 10% up on 2020


As we move towards the end of the year, the Spanish market continues to better 2020, although a third consecutive month of decline shows the market is still temperamental and uncertain.

Third Monthly Drop Shows a Market Lagging in Confidence.

In the third consecutive monthly drop, figures for tractors saw a 9.31%, which is slightly better than last month’s 12% decrease. Tractor sales for the year-to-date are still clearly above 2020, although the figure, which reached a 17% increase in August has now fallen to 9.24% in figures from the Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación (Ministry for Agriculture, Fishing and Food).

With 1,247 registrations, this is a clear drop from October 2020’s 1,375. Comparing the two years, we can see that 2021 is a much stronger year with 9,387 registrations against 8,593 in 2020. Taking into account, the turbulent start of 2020, we can see that the year improved in the latter half, whilst 2021 had a much stronger opening. All things considered, the first six months are still proving strong enough to make for a better crop overall so far this year. Andalucía, as usual, remains ahead with 356 registrations this month, with Castilla La Mancha and Castilla y León almost identical, with 169 and 168 sales respectively.

Agricultural machinery registrations had a much bigger fall with a drop of 28%, with 146 registrations against last year’s 204. Andalucía had 39 registrations, with Castilla La Mancha besting Castilla y León once again this month with 16 against 13 registrations. This fairly sharp decline means that the year-to-date sales for 2021 are below 2020 – although, realistically they are more or less equal with 2020’s 1,418 registrations just 1 above this year. Based on current trends, if the market continues to decline, this will ensure that the agricultural machinery sector will underperform on an already stark year, showing that although the agricultural sector is picking up worldwide, 2021 is still very much a year of recovery. 

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