Michelin and Transportes Álvaro Figueiredo Renew Sustainable Mobility Cooperation Agreement


Since 2006, Michelin and Transportes Álvaro Figueiredo have been in sync, with Michelin managing the maintenance of the tyres. In celebration of their 15 years together, the partnership has been renewed for a further three years.

Sustainability a Core Belief for Transportes Álvaro Figueiredo

Transportes Álvaro Figueiredo, based in Oliveira de Azeméis has been working continuously to reduce its CO2 emissions and have efficient, sustainable vehicles with the right tyres for the job. With Michelin as the company’s tyre management specialist, Transportes Álvaro Figueiredo has benefited from Michelin REMIX tyres with the casings adapted to have a second life. As well as the reduced rolling resistance, when the tyre’s rolling resistance is at its lowest Michelin will then regroove the tyre, helping Transportes Álvaro Figueiredo reduce on raw materials, as well as make cost savings on emissions.

Roadside assistance is also another important element for Transportes Álvaro Figueiredo on the road. Michelin’s EFFITIRES solution has ensured the company’s fleet remains mobile on the road and ensures that the company can deliver every time on time for its customers. As Transportes Álvaro Figueiredo is an international transporter, having Michelin’s international service coverage has been a crucial reason why Transportes Álvaro Figueiredo has continued to place its complete trust in the tyre manufacturer.

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