Michelin and Go-Ahead Sign on for a Further Three-Years Together


Sharing Michelin’s commitment to sustainable practice as well as being content with the level of service and the product quality, Go-Ahead has signed on to have its 6,000 strong bus fleet attended to through a Michelin EFFITIRES Services & Solutions contract.

Go-Ahead Motivated to See Sustainable Changes with Michelin

Go-Ahead, one of the UK’s largest public transportation service providers, is journeying on with Michelin. A key reason for Go-Ahead signing on with Michelin because of the annual reports on how the carefully managed tyre policy will help the public transport provider meet key sustainability criteria, including a reduction in raw material usage, waste and CO2 emissions.

Jim Collins, Group Chief Engineer, Go-Ahead, says: “There was no reason to look elsewhere. During our long and successful relationship with Michelin, the service has always been to the high level we would expect, and the product is excellent.”

Collins added, “Over the past few years, our business has done a lot of work on decarbonisation, with a clear strategy, with Michelin playing a part in our objectives. The two companies’ environmental credentials are very much aligned, and that’s hugely important to us.”

How Michelin is Upping the Ante on Sustainable Tyre Development

Michelin is pushing for new development approaches by supporting sustainable rubber production, an annual research and development fund totalling more than EUR 600 million to help its products cut CO2 emissions and reduce fuel consumption. Michelin will also promote initiatives to reduce, reuse, recycle and renew commercial vehicle tyres.

The new deal will cover around 99 per cent of Go-Ahead’s expanding 6,000-strong bus fleet, operating from more than 50 depots around the country. The EFFITIRES contract offers a combination of outsourced tyre procurement, expert management solutions and a predictable tyre budget linked to fleet activity.

Go-Ahead will utilise Michelin’s tyre management team to work with its in-house workshop technicians to ensure its fleet stays on the road and hits targets for safety, reliability, tyre longevity and regulatory compliance.

Predominently urban bus tyres will be fitted across the fleet, including the new X InCity EV ZMichelin’s first range of bus tyres specifically designed for electric vehicles (EVs).

“We currently have nearly 300 EVs across the group – with the majority working in London – but we expect that to increase quite dramatically over the next few years,” adds Collins. “We have a strategy to have a zero-emission fleet by 2035, and electric and hydrogen vehicles are clearly going to play a prominent part in that, so to have a tyre designed specifically for EVs is hugely beneficial.”

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