Goodyear’s Industrial Vehicle Division Envisions the Future Steps for Sustainable Mobility and Efficient Transportation


In an important sustainability event hosted by Goodyear Iberia, the company looked to crucial mobility and transport solutions, as well as future trends and innovations in the industry. Led by Antonio Cury, Goodyear General Sales Manager for Iberia, the day included presentations, a round table discussion regarding current sustainability norms and awards for the Iberian companies most prepared to leap into best sustainability practices for the future. 

Goodyear Looks to Market Demands in Wide-Ranging Event

Sustainability has been a key component of Goodyear’s general roadmap towards the future for some time now. With Goodyear’s latest truck offering, the new FUELMAX ENDURANCE, the vehicle combines versatility on the highway with solid grip, traction and enhanced fuel efficiency and is equally suitable for regional application and highway trips.

To recognise sustainability across the field, as well as improved mobility solutions, Goodyear honoured the most advanced players in the field. Marcotran, Transportes García de la fuente, Mesquitrans and Transportes Fuentes e Hijos were all in attendance to receive their events on the big day. Cury explained that the awards “recognised the transport companies that have taken important steps in terms of their commitment to sustainability without sacrificing efficiency. These companies are the pioneers for what we hope to see for the future."

Goodyear Event Full of Unique Take-outs and Personal Touches

In terms of artistic endeavours, the sculptor Angel Cañas created a unique centrepiece for the event, crafted out of recycled tyres. This exhibit, which took three months to complete, was inspired by Goodyear’s logo – the winged sandals that the Olympian Hermes sported.

As well as the presentation, there was also a lively session on sustainability and efficiency, which included a presentation by Fernando López, General Director of GIPA (Automotive Aftermarket Intelligence), relating to the key trends and characteristics adopted by current fleets. The key take-out from López regarded the current supply issues blighting the market. He said, “We are facing a major component supply problem. To regain the pre-pandemic enrolment level, we will need 2-3 years. However, we are seeing increased registrations, as well as a greater footfall, which is a positive step for the future.”

After the presentation, there was also a round table debate, tabled by journalist Raúl González. Here, the winning fleets, along with López, Cury and Agustín Salinas (Grupo Salco) and José Perez (Grupo Soledad) had an incisive conversation about sustainability. The big question for the round table was how fleets could attain better sustainability whilst achieving both their objectives and meeting the relevant rules in place across Europe. Concluding, González noted that fleets faced a competitive market, but that sustainability was also a competitive advantage in terms of both cost savings and reducing their carbon emissions.

Rounding off the event, Goodyear reinforced the core objectives of its TruckForce network, which included tyre management, marketing support for both service and tyres, as well as the range of tools available from Goodyear Proactive Solutions.

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