GAZ Group Choose Kama Tyres for Buses


Supplying tyres for the GAZ Group’s PAZ division, Kama Tyres has continued to make the grade for GAZ, with a relationship spanning over twenty years, in news first reported from TireTechnologyInternational.

Successful Testing Leads to Range of Kama Tyres Ready for Disposable on PAZ Buses

Following successful testing on the new buses, the solid steel tyres chosen for supply will be the Kama NF 202 and the NR 201, both in a size 285/70R19.5.

The Kama NF 202 is designed for use on the front steering axle of trucks with varying load capacities that carry out operations for regional and urban applications. The tyre comes with four longitudinal serrated grooves and the sipe sections on the tread surface provide good grip in both wet and dry conditions. The tread’s shoulder features sipe sections with separate blocks to evenly distribute loads and increase carrying capacity. Five wide tread bars also help to reduce the tyre’s rolling resistance.

The Kama NR 201 solid steel tyre has been developed for application to the rear axle of various trucks and commercial vehicles that again suit both regional and urban applications. An original tread design that consists of small blocks, a large middle section and two shoulder zones provides excellent grip characteristics in a range of weather conditions. Furthermore, an all-metal cord in the carcass and belt structure of the tyre ensures high strength.

The latest development continues the wide-ranging partnership between Kama and GAZ, with GAZ finding Kama’s versatility an asset for its fleets of buses, light trucks and commercial vehicles.

Source: TireTechnologyInternational

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