Fedecom Figures for Q3 Tractor Registrations in the Netherlands Shows an Increasingly Healthy Picture for Compact Tractors

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Fedecom, the Dutch Association responsible for companies that are active in technology for agriculture, dairy farming, landscaping and horticulture, as well as for the industry and internal transport, have published the tractor registration results for 2021’s third quarter in the Netherlands. The results, which cover agricultural, narrow-gauge and compact tractor models, show that compact tractors figures are starting to stand out, while agricultural and narrow-gauge tractors are only making minor inroads, compared to the 2020 timeframe.

Figures Show Stubborn Results for Agricultural and Narrow-Gauge Tractors but Blossoming Compact Tractor Market

Fedecom’s third-quarter figures show a market going off in two directions. Agricultural and narrow-gauge tractors figures are remarkably similar to the year before, with only 18 additional units registered this year, making for a total of 1,728 against 2020’s 1,710, making for a 1% year-to-date increase. This figure is down from the 3.3% increase seen in the second quarter, indicating a declining market. 

Compact tractors, however, have undeniably gained traction. With a close to 20% year-to-date increase, the year-to-date 638 tractor registrations mark a 102 increase this year, against 536 this time last year, marking a 19% increase.

The results show that the market is looking to recover from 2020, which was badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. In other countries, such as Italy, the U.S., India, the market has noticeably had a post-Covid-19 bounce. In the UK and Spain, we have seen a healthy first six-month period, followed by a more turbulent second-half. Based on the figures, original tyre manufacturers will hope that the fourth quarter will end the year on a high, with better figures than 2020, going into 2022.

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