Goodyear Adds the Kmax T Gen-2 to Its Portfolio


Goodyear is adding an additional tyre Kmax T Gen-2 in size 445/45 R 19.5 for mega trailers with a loading height of three metres to its portfolio.

A Tyre for a Changing Market

In a move signalling changes in the market, Goodyear is catering for mega trailers with loading heights of over three metres, so fleet operators can fully utilise the internal loading height without exceeding the legally required maximum height of four metres.

The new tyre for the trailer axle has a robust structure and offers high mileage and good wet grip. Suitable for tough winter conditions, the tyre bears the certified snowflake symbol.

“With this new addition to our catalogue, we can offer our customers one of the broadest product ranges with the 3 PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake) symbol in the trailer segment,” explains Viviane Loop, Commercial Marketing Manager for Goodyear DACH. “Fleet managers in Germany can also apply for some government funding for these tyres as they make an “extra-mandatory” (although non-mandatory) contribution to road safety through the 3 PMSF marking.”

The Kmax T Gen-2 Passes the Practical Testing Phase

"With some transports, every single centimetre of loading height counts," notes Alexander Göbel from the Rothermel Forwarding Agency. Göbel has been testing the new tyre on two of his trailers for around a year and a half to transport vehicle parts in timely operations, as well as other routine tasks.

The fleet manager is satisfied with Goodyear’s product, explaining, “We have already driven 230,000 kilometres, so the tyre has definitely proved its worth. From a business point of view, I totally recommend the new model as it pays off to rely on a premium product, especially in terms of service life.”

A Tyre Able to Withstand Intense Pressure

Thanks to the 7-rib profile of the new Kmax T Gen-2, even pressure distribution is achieved. The tyre profile is particularly robust as well, with the special rubber compound ensuring good rolling resistance and excellent abrasion resistance. This leads to high mileage and long service life, including in difficult winter conditions. As well as the 3 PMSF accreditation, the tyre is also equipped with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips, which guarantees easy identification with a tire management system.

The tyre combines with sizes 375/45 R 22.5 or 355/50 R 22.5 on the steering axle and 315/45 R 22.5 or 295/55 R 22.5 on the drive axle.

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