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Fulda REGIO Series 3 Launched, Delivering All-Season Performance and Durability

Fulda REGIO Series 3
Goodyear has announced the launch of the Fulda REGIO Series 3 for long distance and demanding urban applications. In includes performance-boosting features such as its tread design for up to 4% higher mileage, and Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) marking on steer, drive and trailer tyres. 

Fulda’s Newest All-Season Tyres 

Fulda has announced its latest REGIO Series 3 commercial vehicle tyre range. The new Fulda range comprises REGIOCONTROL 3 (steer), REGIOFORCE 3 (drive axle) and REGIOTONN 3 (trailer) fitments. Key development focus areas are mileage, fuel efficiency, han...

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