Anyline Launches Commercial Tyre Serial Number Scanner for Smartphones

Anyline's Commercial Tyre Serial Number Scanner for Smartphones

Anyline has announced the release of an industry-first scanner, offering enhanced visibility to fleet management, enabling users to scan and digitise tyre sidewall data in milliseconds. 

New Commercial Tyre Serial Number Scanner by Anyline 

Anyline, a Vienna-based software provider, has launched an industry-first commercial tyre serial number scanner for mobile devices. Using advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology, the solution enables the workforces of commercial business solutions to capture the serial number of every tyre in milliseconds, using the camera on their smartphone or tablet. 

This technology will enhance traceability of tyres throughout their lifespan by allowing technicians to capture multiple tyre wall data points on their mobile devices, rather than relying on time consuming and error-prone manual data entry. 

“Efficiently tracing commercial tyres remains a notorious pain-point for the commercial fleet business.” said Anyline VP EMEA Frédéric Baroin. “This innovation automates the process and enables users to simply scan the data in real-time from the tyre wall. In practice, multiple workflows and processes can be hugely improved, enabling end-to-end tracking of your assets across service operations, supply chain and retreading.” 

The solution can be integrated into existing fleet management applications or websites and can also be combined with Anyline’s additional data capture capabilities such as for scanning tyre DOT numbers, vehicle license plates, driving licenses and barcodes. 

The launch of tyre serial number scanning follows the Austrian firm’s successful entry into the tyre retail market in the United States. In March, Anyline launched a partnership with Discount Tire, the world’s largest independent retailer of tyres and wheels, which has rolled tyre DOT scanning devices out in nearly 1,100 stores to optimise inspection and inventory management processes. 

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