Prometeon Completes the Triathlon Line, the Most Versatile PIRELLI-branded Truck Tyre Range

Prometeon Triathlon truck tyre

Prometeon has expanded the PIRELLI-branded Triathlon range of regional and long-distance distribution tyres with the introduction of four new sizes, and improved load indexes on another two existing sizes. 

Truck Tyre Range Expansion from Prometeon 

Three of the four new sizes are typically fitted to car transporter tractor units: 

  • FR:01 385/55R22.5 with a load index/speed code of 160K, and rated B for both fuel efficiency and wet grip, with external rolling noise class at A 72dB. 

  • FR:01 315/60R22.5 with a load index/speed code of 154/148L, and rated C for fuel efficiency, B for wet grip with external rolling noise class at A 71dB 

  • TR:01 315/60R22.5 with a load index/speed code of 152/148L, and rated D for fuel efficiency, B for wet grip with external rolling noise class at B 76dB 

These three sizes will be available from July. 

The fourth new size (available from August) is the TR:01 295/60R22.5 with a load index/speed code of 150/147K, and rated C for both fuel efficiency and wet grip, with external rolling noise class at B 76dB. This tyre size is typically fitted on drays in the drinks logistics sector. 

Prometeon has also taken the opportunity to introduce higher load indexes to two sizes of the existing Triathlon range: the FR:01 385/65R22.5 (for heavy rigids and 6x2 tractor units) now boasts a load index/speed code of 164K; and the FR:01 215/75R17.5 (for 7.5t trucks) boasts an index/speed code of 128/126M. The former tyre is rated B for both fuel efficiency and wet grip with external noise class at A 71dB, while the latter tyre is rated D for fuel efficiency and C for wet grip with external rolling noise class at A 70dB. 

PIRELLI-branded Triathlon tyres deliver high mileage and low fuel consumption and enjoy strong retreadability. The Triathlon FR:01 tread features four zig-zag shaped grooves and robust longitudinal ribs designed to reduce braking distance and to improve road holding. The functional sipes and ejectors at the bottom of all grooves grant high-performing snow grip, enhance traction and prevent stone trapping. The innovative shoulder tread contour gives a correct distribution of footprint contact pressure, ensuring even wear and high mileage. 

Meanwhile the TR:01 tread features transversal grooves with optimised geometry that offer superior snow grip, excellent even wear and easy stones ejection. The directional tread pattern with tread block pitch sequence promotes uniform wear, high mileage, low noise emission and better traction. PIRELLI’s patented 3D sipes solution in the central and shoulder tread block provides enhanced snow grip and snow traction, regular wear, acoustic comfort and improved behaviour in dry and wet conditions. 

All tyres in Triathlon range, for both steer (FR:01) and drive (TR:01) axles feature the snow grip/3PMSF marking, thus delivering safe performances in severe weather conditions. 

Peter Fairlie, Managing Director of Prometeon Tyre Group UK, says: "With these additions and improvements, made possible by the latest design innovations which are at the basis of the Prometeon Technology, we are completing our range, and every commercial vehicle in the UK can now benefit from running on a class-leading PIRELLI-branded Triathlon tyre." 

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