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Prometeon Completes the Triathlon Line, the Most Versatile PIRELLI-branded Truck Tyre Range

Prometeon Truck Tyre Range
Prometeon has expanded the PIRELLI-branded Triathlon range of regional and long-distance distribution tyres with the introduction of four new sizes, and improved load indexes on another two existing sizes. 

Truck Tyre Range Expansion from Prometeon 

Three of the four new sizes are typically fitted to car transporter tractor units: 

FR:01 385/55R22.5 with a load index/speed code of 160K, and rated B for both fuel efficiency and wet grip, with external rolling noise class at A 72dB. 

FR:01 315/60R22.5 with a load index/speed code of 154/148L, and rated C for fuel efficiency, B for...

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