New MICHELIN X AGVEV Tyre Developed for Automatic Guided Vehicles Operating in Ports


Part 8 in the Industrial Tyres Feature, reports on the latest launch by Michelin into the industrial tyres market with the launch of the new MICHELIN X AGVEV, the first tyre from the company specifically designed for automatic guided vehicles (AGV) operating in ports.

Michelin Reveal MICHELIN X AGVEV Product


The MICHELIN X AGVEV, means that port operators now have access to a tyre engineered to meet their AGV requirements in terms of performance, reliability, productivity, and safety. It is also the first time a port tyre has been ‘EV’ marked, indicating that it contributes to reducing machine emissions, and increasing battery life on electric vehicles, due to its very low rolling resistance.

AGVs have been getting more and more common in ports because they optimise operations by ensuring high levels of productivity and safety standards. While these machines are currently used in numerous ports in Asia, Europe and North America, previously there were no tyres on the market specifically designed for these vehicles.

The MICHELIN X AGVEV tyre’s main features include a variety of key characteristics. Firstly, Michelin have underlined its smooth running and optimal reliability, since the tyre has been designed to ensure long lasting reliability due to its damage resistant design and slick tread pattern. Also, the tyre's construction has been optimised to cope with high vehicle and load weights, thus enhancing its robustness.

Furthermore the product has very low levels of rolling resistance to save energy. Since most AGVs are now electric, special care has been taken to ensure minimal energy consumption according to Michelin, making it a goodfit for electric vehicles. Finally, the manufacturer has made it TPMS-ready, with the tyre coings with a specific patch inside that allows for easy fixing of the Michelin TPMS sensor that monitors pressure and temperature in real time. This is a peace of mind solution for driverless vehicles where there is no operator to perform regular visual checks of the tyres.

Dominique Morel, Business Segment Manager for Ports and Ground Support Handling at Michelin, said: “As work environments such as ports evolve with automation and electrification becoming key driving trends, the MICHELIN X AGVEV is living proof of Michelin’s dedication to innovation and a customer-centric approach. While AGVs have been growing in numbers around the globe, we see GROUP them equipped with tyres for reach stackers or other machines rather than with dedicated solutions that better meet the specific requirements of their application.

“As a result, we took the opportunity to develop this tyre specifically for our customers’ needs. These include tyre performance, reliability and productivity, and it will also help terminal operators develop a more sustainable eco-system with their AGVs, due to its low rolling resistance.” The MICHELIN X AGVEV is currently offered in one size: 18.00 R 25 and is now available through Michelin’s dealer network throughout Asia and Europe, with availability in other regions planned for the future.

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