Michelin and Transportes Sanmartí Work Together to Provide Safe and Sustainable Transport


Renewing their collaboration for a further four years, Michelin and Transportes Sanmartí, have signed the EFFITIRES ™ Contact, which is designed to guarantee safety, while reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Michelin and Transportes Sanmartí Continue to Thrive Together

Since 2017, Transportes Sanmartí has been working with the Michelin group relying on Michelin’s commitment to safety, sustainability and service quality. Michelin has recently set itself the “All Sustainable” challenge, which demonstrates its continuing focus on sustainability.

Through the EFFITIRES ™ Contact, Michelin will continue to carry out scheduled maintenance on Sanmartí’s fleet. Transportes Sanmartí, which has been operating for over 40 years transporting dangerous chemicals for the chemical sector has over 200 vehicles. For Sanmartí’s tyres, Michelin’s services and solutions department will analyse tyre quality through maintenance and monitoring of the health of the tyres. Through technological innovation at Michelin, Sanmartí will be guaranteed mobility solutions, to maximise safety and minimise the amount of technical assistance on the road.

The fleet at Transportes Sanmartí will be using the Michelin X Line Energy tyres, which reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, as well as the retreaded Michelin Remix range, which, naturally is a far more ecologically responsible option and a great way for Sanmartí to show off their crucial sustainability elements in an increasingly competitive market.

Michelin’s Director for Services & Solutions, Jorge Prego, said “Transportes Sanmartí is a leading company in the sector. Michelin appreciates the trust they have once again placed in our tyres and our fleet management solutions. Together, we will continue to move towards safer and more sustainable transport.”

Managing Director of Transportes Sanmartí, Guillermo Noriega added, “After verifying the effectiveness of this new range of Michelin X Line Energy tyres, which reduce both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, so we have decided to renew the collaboration agreement with Michelin. It is worth highlighting the good commercial relationship that we have maintained since the start of our alliance, consolidating over time a stable and solid partnership that we hope will last over time. In this context, where we feel the need to fulfil our commitment to reducing carbon emissions as much as possible, collaborating with a prestigious company like Michelin helps us achieve our goal of sustainable transport.”

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