Bridgestone Slick Response Time at Highest Levels Yet


Bridgestone’s 24/7 fleet service network is operating at its best-ever levels, with Bridgestone bosses confident the network will be on course for its most efficient year of responding to breakdown responses.

Bridgestone Partner Network Operating at Highest Service Levels Yet

The Bridgestone Partner Network is comprised of hundreds of tyre dealers, looking to provide the best level of service to fleets. Statistics for the first quarter of 2021 suggest they are responding quicker to call-outs than ever before.

From January 1st 2021 to March 31st 2021, average response times from phone call to assistance stood at just 48 minutes, and just 45 minutes to get the vehicle operational again thereafter, in Bridgestone’s swiftest set of figures yet.

Bridgestone accredits the strength of its network to independent dealers who take great pride in their result, which their business fortunes rely on. Simon Cartwright, Stobart Energy’s Director of Logistics, agreed, stating: “We were well aware of the quality and performance benefits associated with Bridgestone’s tyres, but the commercial agility shown through the Bridgestone Partner network was something that resonated.

“It really impressed us, as we knew we’d be dealing with independent tyre dealers who are passionate in providing a memorable service, precisely because they are running their own businesses. This model really appealed to us.”

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