Vredestein Add Four Additional Sizes to Their Traxion Optimall Range


Vredestein, part of Apollo Tyres has expanded their Traxion Optimal VF range to suit tractor tyres from 160 hp and above. The new tyres have been built with a focus on self-cleaning properties, grip comfort and durable tyre life.

The New VF 710/60R42 Especially Suitable for Soil Preservation

Of the four new tyres, the VF 710/60R42 is ideal for arable farmers due to its wide tyre depth and solid traction. As well as the large footprint, Vredestein’s Traxion Optimall VF technologies mean the tyre can be utilised at a low tyre pressure to prevent soil compaction. Suitable for tractors from 160-250 hp, the 1.95 m diameter, combined with the technology ensures excellent stability on uneven terrains, slopes and hills.

The Newly Launched VF650/65R42 Effective in Various Agricultural Sectors

The main tyre combination for tractors from 160 hp to 250 hp is the 650/65R42 with the 540/65R30, thanks to the low inflation pressure the tyre generates. Together with an extra high load capacity, the tyre functions well in various jobs, from arable farming to transport activities, as well as for large farmers and contractors working on grassland.

The four new sizes – the VF 540/65R30, VF 600/60R30, VF 650/65R32, VF 710/60R42 contain more tread in the driving direction, providing continuous road contact and excellent driving comfort. The Traxion Optimall F+ technology also keeps the tyre stable at low pressure during transport activities at high speed. Traxion Optimall tyres have a competitive edge due to their large contact area on the road and well-chosen rubber compound.

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