Tyrata‘s Automated IntelliTread Tyre Monitoring System Extends Bus Tyre Life by 12%


North Carolina-based GoDurham’s bus system saves an annual cost of USD 1,000 per vehicle through Tyrata’s IntelliTread tyre monitoring system while maintaining the same level of safety.

GoDurham See Cost-Savings with IntelliTread

In a ranging study with Tyrata and the Durham City Transit Company (GoDurham) regarding both the cost savings and the benefits of using Tyrata’s automated tyre monitoring system to manage tyre maintenance for GoDurham’s 60-bus public transit fleet, the results were clear. There was a proven 12% efficiency improvement using the system, which translates to Durham not needing to replenish its tyres as frequently.

Using the IntelliTread Drive-Over (DOS), the company was able to eliminate manual tyre measurements entirely while also safely improving the life of the tyres. Tyre tread usage was increased from 9.9 mm to 11.2 mm, which is well above the US Department of Transportation’s prescribed tyre tread safety limits. In total, GoDurham reduced their tyre expenditure by 100 tyres per annum and, with the saving they made by cutting manual inspection, the company has scored a noticeable annual net saving of USD 60,000, through equipping their fleet with DOS.

What Tyrata’s Drive-Over System Consists of

Tyrata’s DOS, which resembles a speed bump collects the tyre tread depth every time a vehicle passes over it. By employing the DOS, GoDurham was able to extend the life of the fleet’s tyres by an average of 1.3mm of tread wear, while maintaining stringent tread depth limits to ensure passenger safety

Tyrata’s Drive-Over System has fundamentally transformed the way that we approach the management of our tyres”, says Bob Losiniecki, Maintenance Director of GoDurham. “DOS has helped us significantly reduce tyre expenses while maintaining absolute confidence in the safety of our tyres."

We were pleased to make such an impact on what was already a well-managed fleet,” said Dave Koester, Tyrata VP of Engineering. “The savings from our IntelliTread system at GoDurham is extremely encouraging. We expect similar results from ongoing tests at other customer sites.”

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