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The Sava Series 5 Tyre Range Arrives: Robust Performance for All Types of Conditions and Climates

Sava Series 5 Tyre Range

The Sava Series 5 tyre range offers versatile performance, from urban to long haul use. Also, it’s been designed for robust and profitable operations, and is marked with 3PMSF in all axis positions. 

The Latest Trailer Tyres from Sava 

Sava has revealed the Series 5 range consisting of tyres for the Avant 5 steer axle, for the Orjak 5 drive axle and Cargo 5 trailer tyres. 

The range has been designed for operators looking for robust and reliable tyres with the added versatility of performance in all types of weather conditions. The Sava Series 5 features the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol for all sizes and all axles, providing complete confidence in any situation when driving on snowy or cold roads. 

The Series 5 range has been designed for efficient performance in urban, regional and long-distance distribution use. With a robust tread design and carcass construction, the aim is to help reduce operating costs. 

Leading the lineup is the Sava Avant 5 steer axle tyre. It has a five-rib pattern with a distinctive curve in the grooves, which has been designed to reduce friction when turning. This, along with 4% more rubber in the tread and 1mm deeper grooves than its predecessor1, helps increase durability. It also has a high load capacity to meet the higher weight demands of tractor units with the latest requirements for alternative drive trains or emission equipment according to EURO 6 regulations. 

The Orjak 5 takes an equally robust approach to its work. This drive axle tyre also features the robust 5-rib tread design with a large number of notches to aid traction in all weather conditions. Its semi-open shoulder ribs are reinforced to reduce wear and tear. 

The Cargo 5 trailer tyre is more than just a load hauler. It features a sturdy construction to offer good mileage. This includes a greater volume of rubber under the tread which reduces the risk of damage to the carcass, which improves its retreadability. Its 3PMSF label has been obtained by having a tread pattern with deep cuts to create additional bite edges. These interlock with the road surface and improve wet grip and braking throughout the life of the tyre. The tread compound has been developed to reduce rolling resistance and help cost-conscious operators achieve higher mileage and fuel efficiency. 

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