HaGe Logistik Signs Service Contract with ContiRe Tyres with Focus on Sustainability and Reduced Costs


With HaGe Logistik entrusting its tyre management to Continental, Continental’s retreads continue to gain traction. With HaGe Logistik pooling its tyre service portfolio to ensure strong sustainability with Conti360° Solutions, Continental continues working towards the future of fleet management - Logistics 4.0.

HaGe Logistik Looks to an All-Round Tyre Service

Be it portside, the fields, rail and road, dirt tracks, or motorways, logistics and transport company HaGe-Logistik GmbH, based in Kiel, in the north of Germany covers all different types of terrain with its fleet. Explaining the routes the company undertakes, Fleet Manager for Ha-Ge Logistik, Malte Johannsen said, “With our highly versatile fleet, we are able to offer our customers in Germany and beyond a broad spectrum of transport services. We transport bulk agricultural goods such as grain and sugar beet, as well as other products.” When it comes to tyre management, the company puts its trust in a Conti360° service contract with retreaded tyres. “The tyres on our vehicles have to take a lot of rough treatment every day. So a professional all-round tyre service is worth its weight in gold,”

Johannsen noted that there are clear benefits of using Continental, explaining “With Conti360° we are effectively minimising our overall fleet costs by saving fuel, avoiding tyre damage and being able to supply our customers on schedule.” However, the company is also paying closer attention to its environmental and sustainable impact on the planet, with Johannsen adding, “We’re constantly dealing with environmental and climate-sensitive sectors, so we attach great importance to sustainability.”

Sustainability Practices Continue to Factor in Fleet Decisions

HaGe Logistik is very much on trend with its emphasis on sustainability. “The high overall demand for retreaded tyres underlines the fact that, for our customers, conserving resources and service are and will remain key points of focus,” says Ralf Benack, head of Fleet Business EMEA at Continental. In order to shine an even brighter spotlight on future themes such as digitalisation and sustainability, the company has brought together its tyre service portfolio for the fleet business and re-packaged it under the umbrella of Conti360° Solutions. The range of services is themed around sustainability, regionality and quality, and comprises the ContiLifeCycle retreading concept, Conti360° Fleet Solutions and digital tyre management solutions – each firmly focused on customer service and sustainability while helping reduce fleet costs.


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