Trelleborg to Expand EMR Radial Tyre Range for Loaders and Dumpers

Trelleborg's EMR Radial Tyre Range

Trelleborg Wheel Systems gears up to release the newest additions to its EMR range of earthmover radial tyres for critical construction applications. New tyre sizes for the EMR 1042 and EMR 1051 ranges will be released on to the market in early 2021, offering better productivity, increased rider comfort and extended tyre life. 

Trelleborg’s EMR Radial Tyre Range Extension 

Marcello Mantovani, Product Manager Construction at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says: “Much like our EMR1025 All-Season tyre, the expanded EMR range showcases the cutting-edge design and engineering that goes into our specialty tyres for industrial applications. As an industry leader in the specialised tyre market, Trelleborg continuously seeks new solutions that enhance our customers’ productivity. Both the EMR 1042 and EMR 1051 tyres offer superior traction, enhanced damage protection and durability, plus a reinforced carcass and sidewall protection to extend tyre life and increase rider comfort.” 

Designed for articulated dump trucks and wheel loaders, the EMR 1042 range maximises the efficiency of hauling operations in open pits and quarries, construction work and landscaping. Made to last, the tyre has a reinforced sidewall rubber ring guard protection and a robust carcass. Sand, rock, gravel, and soil are no match for its grip and traction. The new EMR 1042 sizes will include 23.5R25 and 26.5R25, in addition to the current 29.5R25 size. 

With advanced tyre technology incorporated into its design, the EMR 1051 range offers customers the best possible tyre solutions for intensive loading applications. Like the EMR 1042 range, its multi-surface tread design delivers the perfect grip where most needed, whether operating in open pits and quarries, construction sites or landscaping. Engineered with a state-of-the-art compound, strong radial carcass, and an extra deep tread, the EMR 1051 optimises load distribution and tyre life while boosting ride comfort and fuel efficiency. 

The new sizes for the EMR 1051 range include 20.5R2523.5R25, 26.5R25and 29.5R25. 

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