Vulco Continues Expanding into Portugal with Second Centre in Pneus do Alcaide


The Pneus do Alcaide Santeira workshop has signed to become a part of Vulco in the second major Vulco workshop in Portugal. In addition, Vulco’s first workshop, Pneus do Alcaide Bendita has put up new signage with the Vulco brand making top billing for passersby.

Vulco Continues to Move into Iberia

With the Pneus do Alcaide Santeira workshop joining Vulco, drivers will have full access to Vulco’s product services. The workshop will offer a global service for trucks and vans, in addition to cars and SUVs. With over 300 workshops across Iberia, Vulco is continuing to make waves in the peninsula, with drivers now able to enjoy Vulco tyres and fast mechanics in Pedreias, Portugal.

At the Penus do Alcaide Bendita workshop, meanwhile, the new signage is a new dawn for the outlet. With more than 40 years of experience, the team already had an established reputation in the local area. Now, with the new signage, drivers will know that the workshop offers quality Vulco services, as well as the official Goodyear retreading service offer.

José Guedes, Goodyear Retail Coordinator in Portugal, heralded the new addition to Vulco's portfolio. "We want our clients to find Vulco workshops in the main cities of Portugal so that wherever they go, they can access the professional and trustworthy services that define our network and guarantee the mobility of all vehicles," added Guedes.

"With the incorporation of the second Pneus do Alcaide Santeira workshop, and the renewal of the exterior image of the Benedita workshop, we have reinforced Vulco's collaboration with a fantastic organisation in Portugal," he concluded.

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