Road Hero of the Month for November Awarded to North Rhine-Westphalia Bus Driver


Evan Scherief acted quickly when a pedestrian was hit by a car in Mülheim, leading to a well-deserved honour from Goodyear and the German Automobile Club.

Scherief Scores Goodyear Honour for Fast-Thinking in Time of Crisis

It appeared a regular day when Scherief was driving the 122 bus. However, Scherief noticed an unaware pedestrian on the verge of being struck by a nearby car. Honking his bus horn to try and alert the driver, there was, sadly, still a collision, and the pedestrian was struck. Reacting immediately, Scherief alerted his control centre, stopped the bus and administered first-aid to the bleeding and injured pedestrian. Taking care of the wound, he maintained a steady conversation with the injured individual until the emergency services arrived at the scene.

The experience was a traumatising experience for Scherief, who suffered nightmares after the experience, which was a factor that subsequently helped him decide to leave his bus driver role to change professions.

Goodyear and the German Automobile Club, upon discovering the story, immediately set to rewarding Scherief’s moral courage and quick-thinking under pressure. Together, they presented him with the prestigious Road Hero of the month for November 2021.

Each month, Goodyear and the German Automobile Club look for courageous and selfless heroes, much like Evan Scherief, to honour. Additionally, The campaign is supported by the magazine TRUCKER under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Transport.

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