Nokian Tyres Extends Ground Kare Excavator Tyres to Fit Smaller and Larger Vehicles


Since the release of the Nokian Ground Kare tyre for wheeled excavators and backhoe loaders, the tyre has made such a noticeable impact in the market that Nokian Tyres has extended the line to encompass 600/50-22.5 for compact excavators and size 710/49-22.5 for more major machinery. 

Nokian Tyre Looks to Wide Block and Soft Soil Traction for Its Agricultural Tyre

Since the launch in 2019, the tyre, which Nokian Tyres described as a “good compromise between extreme stability of dual tyre configuration and extreme soft soil traction of the wide lug-patterned single tyre,” has been adopted by many fleets looking for versatility. 

“We were ahead of the market with Ground Kare”, says Kimmo KekkiProduct Manager at Nokian Tyres. “We were confident about its impressive specs, but the real value has been proven in the field, in its everyday use.”

With a big footprint, sturdy stability and single tyre configuration, the tyre doesn’t suffer from stone trapping nor exert undue stress on the soil. Kekki explains that the Ground Kare is ready for challenging situations, with its steel fortifications making the tyre suitably resistant against cuts and cracks. As the tyre has a wide surface area, it has solid wear resistance credentials in tough terrains. The large contact area helps the tyre to wear down slowly and evenly as the surface pressure is low and evenly distributed”.

“The Ground Kare tread pattern rolls smoothly on the road, making the ride more silent”, explains Kimmo Kekki, noting that the tyre is suitable for high-speed road transport and not just construction sites. 

Sami Isomäki Testifies to Nokian Ground Kare Tyres

Around the streets of HelsinkiSami Isomäki undertakes excavation works, including on construction sites. Before, he used twin wheels on his previous excavators, but the Ground Kare has proven to be more suitable for his work on soft surfaces – most noticeably on loose surfaces such as rubble.

“Before, I had to rely on a tracked excavator in difficult terrain”, Isomäki says. “Now the Ground Kare works well in places where twin wheels would have been stuck.” He also notes that the load-bearing capacity is noticeably better than with twin wheels.

Based on these reviews, Nokian Tyres introduced the newer sizes to benefit more consumers. The smaller size, 600/50-22.5, suits smaller, more compact machines primarily used on soil surfaces. The larger excavators that need bigger wheels will also benefit from the 710/40-22.5, which is equally suitable for soft worksites.

Concluding, Kekki enthusiastically welcomed the expansion of the line, adding, “The contractors have discovered single wheels, with our product really proving its worth on different worksites.”

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