Farmers Honoured by Trelleborg Wheel Systems at Ceres Award Ceremony


Trelleborg Wheel Systems has, this year, sponsored two Ceres awards, which includes Trelleborg honouring the Best Business Concept for farmers making innovative decisions within the industry, with Mitas supporting the Young Farmer category.

German Talent Recognised by Trelleborg

The German agricultural community came out in force for the Ceres Awards. With ten categories, the awards range from organic farming to renewable energy.

Rolf Christmann, Managing Director at Trelleborg Wheel Systems in Germany, said of the ceremony: “We are proud of all the candidates competing for the Ceres awards we sponsor. With the Young Farmer prize, Mitas is recognising rising stars passionate about farming. For the Best Business Category, Trelleborg is looking to individuals who are  showcasing innovative and unique ideas within agriculture. Trelleborg is committed to sustainable business practices, and we believe these awards show that same commitment in their field.”

The Ceres Award 2021 for Best Business Concept went to Markus Zott in Ustersbach, who has appealed to increased consumer demand for plant-based foods. He came up with “Bayernglück”, a locally sourced oat drink using only ingredients from Bavaria.

The Young Farmer prize (for farmers under 40) went to Johannes Müller from Gleichen-Etzenborn, who started his organic farm in 2017. Müller is constantly looking for ways to improve crops, for example, introducing vegetable innovations like colourful carrots for schools and yellow beets.

"Farmer of the Year 2021" was another organic farmer, Christoph Leiders, from the Stautenhof farm in Willich-Anrath. His farm combines sustainable farming with quality food.

The prestigious Ceres Awards serves to highlight the exceptional daily work farmers perform. Trelleborg Wheel Systems has pledged to continue advancing a more sustainable world through innovation, enhanced natural resources and greater efficiency within agricultural solutions and other areas in which it participates.

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