Bandvulc Celebrate 50 Years with Update on Rubber Production at Ivybridge Base


Tony Mailing, Bandvulc Operations Director, confirms that all rubber that comes into its Ivybridge base is ready and waiting to be reused.

Mailing Explains Bandvulc’s Current Retreading Process as Part of Fiftieth Anniversary Celebrations

Bandvulc’s Ivybridge centre is a continual hub of activity. With the facility able to inspect up to 2,500 casings per day – with each casing subject to over 20 quality assurance ranging from visual appearances to mechanical checks, it’s understandable how Bandvulc has the unique title of being one of the UK’s largest retreader

Around 70% of the tyres are of satisfactory quality. The 30% of tyres unsuitable are baled and collected for recycling. Once buffed, the removed rubber can be up to 7 kilogrammes of material, which Bandvulc recycles into products suitable for playgrounds, carpets or equestrian training areas. So, all rubber is recycled, one way or another. 

Mailing explains that, with Bandvulc Mixing, tests are made on-site to develop and test tyres. With its relationship with Continental, “We have a two-way technology sharing model with Continental’s Research and Development engineers in Stöcken, Germany, allowing us to create tyres to meet the hefty demands of a broad range of commercial vehicle applications.”

Mailing adds, “Every part of our production has sustainability in mind, which our customers appreciate. We use innovative and highly efficient solutions in our retreading plant, which combines the retreading of truck tyres and recycling of used rubber under one roof.” 

Concluding on Bandvulc’s fiftieth-anniversary explanation of current retreading options, Mailing added, “The factory has also introduced a zero-to-landfill policy, which ensures that no production waste goes to landfill. As a result, 100% of the factory’s waste is recycled or incinerated.”

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